All alone in the SISA offices... almost!

I will never forget Monday, March 16, 2020... one day before work from home started.

16 March (my birthday by the way): It was a weird feeling when I saw all my colleagues leaving the office with part of the IT infrastructure. I thought, they are all leaving me alone... no, they are even letting me down! Well, of course it is definitely a necessary measure that benefits everyone... I do understand that. Of course I miss the conversations or rather... the chatting (forgive my frankness) during the coffee break, the lunch break, the cheerful (sometimes less cheerful) exchange about everything possible and impossible. But thanks to Skype, the contact is not completely broken off and if you are in the mood (condition!) you can additionally switch on the video function. I have got used to this extraordinary situation and get along quite well (almost) alone in the company (we are two of us). It is fun to support the SISA team even from a distance. Nevertheless, I am very much looking forward to a physical reunion soon!

Author: Hélène Kaiser
Department: Administration
Date: 28.04.2020