SISA is where we are

Here at SISA we see this particular situation as an opportunity. And soon it turned out that no matter whether we are working at the office or elsewhere: SISA is where we are.

Thanks to our infrastructure, but first of all to our will of seeing "the half glass full", keeping in touch with each other just as if we were in the office helped us to switch seamlessly to full home working.

Although the current circumstances forced us to introduce home working inevitably, we like to see the half glass full. This is a valuable opportunity to know each other – and maybe also ourselves - a little better. During this time we take our friendship, our mutual loyalty and our common goals and bring them into our homes.

We share ideas, feelings and strategies remotely, so we need to be expressive and externalize more, in order to make our collaboration effective, and our remote coffee breaks funny and satisfactory.

Creativity gets a boost. Whenever we break out of the routine, the rules of the game change and we are pushed to react. That’s what is happening right now: we keep providing solutions, but we conceive them in a new environment and under different circumstances.

Communication capability gets a boost. We have to ensure that our ideas, and first of all our feelings, get to the other side of the screen. Therefore we are constantly enhancing the way we share ideas, as well as the effort that we put in it.

For sure all of this helps us growing as professionals, but also as humans.

Author: Victor Hürlimann
Departement: Software development
Date: 20.04.2020